An experimental sandbox for online judgers (OJ). I am a co-author.

(Charcoal) Smoke Detector

A community-driven chatbot that detects spam across the Stack Exchange Network and reports them, so they can be quickly removed.

I joined the team in December 2017, and was recognized as a developer in March 2018.

This is the largest project in this page and also the first existing project that I’ve joined (all other projects are started from scratch).

Tetris with AI

A good game automation that you must try and watch!


An old Flash plane-shooting game that I made when I was 13. ActionScript 2.0 (so expect that it won’t run very fluently on a low-end computer)

Python Reversi

An implementation of the classic Reversi / Othello game using Python and PyQt5. It has an intensive AI that’s hard to beat.

Human Resource Machine Programming Language

Aurora Theme

Aurora is a clean, responsive Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages.

And it’s the theme for my Project Pages. I have published this theme on RubyGems.

College Physics Experiments Toolbox (incomplete)

A set of tools made to make College Physics Experiments easy!