Programming the On-Board SPI Flash of Digilent Nexys4 DDR

A way to permanently write your Verilog design to the Nexys4 DDR board, so you can bring it wherever you like, as long as you have power supply. No more need for Vivado software.

Batch convert PowerPoint slideshow to PDF

It could be a nightmare to process 30+ files by hand, opening each one and then saving as PDF. But that nightmare was bypassed, with a VBScript.

How to crack IObit Advanced SystemCare 11.5

Advanced SystemCare is a software that’s really easy to crack. Get Pro for free.

Pairing the new Xbox One S controller (2018) with Android

I just bought an Xbox One S controller that’s manufactured in 2018. The .kl files found online weren’t correct anymore so I had to dig it out by myself.

Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example

A Stack Overflow help center article